Thanks to Fabian (Response # 3, below), I have decided to add the stories behind any PC Deaths while playing Gamma World!  If you have any Gamma World PC deaths that you would like everyone to know, please send them, and I will post it right here!

NOTE: I am not a "killer" gamemaster, but I do put characters into dangerous situations.  If they want the rewards, they earn them...


1. GAMMA WORLD - Death of a PC - (13 Jul 00)

Party members

Ferrill Quickblade: Mutated Ferret: Basically run similar to an examiner- extremely curious, liked to pull practical jokes and purposely got the party into trouble on several occasions. Of course, this tended to alienate NPCs and other PCs. Very greedy. Favorite item was a solar-charged laser pistol found in the ruins of the Alburquerque Starport.

Bartok: (self-claimed "Lord of the Bats") Mutated Humanoid: Basically run as an Enforcer. Wore an old football helmet- not too intelligent but not stupid either..

Fors: Mutated Human: Basically run similar to a Scout- No ranged weapons, but used Hands of Power.

Background-Our intrepid group continued on their quest of Revenge against the Knights of Genetic Purity (KGP).

Several weeks earlier, while scavenging in Santa’s Fate, our party recovered several items of the Ancients (mostly baubles and other curiosities), but hit pay-dirt by finding a functional hover-truck!
Our heroes were returning to Billings after a successful scavenging raid in the ruins of Santa’s Fate (Santa Fe), when they were ambushed by a small patrol of KGP. The ambush destroyed the truck (really pissing-off Ferrill) and most of the party’s equipment was burned in the conflagration. They captured one of the KGP by using the stun pistol, and took him back with them to Billings. They ended up looting the bodies of the dead KGP for supplies and were reimbursed for their losses by recovering a functional laser pistol! Upon returning to Billings, the party released the prisoner to the authorities for questioning. After the interrogation, it was discovered that the KGP patrol was a small advance scout-party for a larger group of KGP. Their main camp was "west". The town had a party with a public execution as the main attraction! Everyone was overjoyed and there was much drinking and food! Ferrill (for some odd reason) was disgusted by this and decided to leave the next morning. Some of the NPCs, tired of Ferrill’s odd mood-swings and getting them into trouble, decided that they wanted to stay in town.

On with the story:

After several days of travel, our group was walking on the south-side of the stream, heading west. The stream flowed from west to east. It was a nice day; no storms, or other critters have bothered them in days. They were very well rested. Suddenly, Bartok yelled "Ambush!" and dropped flat. From an outcrop of rocks to the south several arrows flew, impacting in the ground around them.
Ferrill dropped one in his tracks using the stun pistol. Forrest replied by using his Hands of Power (electrical). Unfortunately, during the heat of the moment, he realized too late that the range was too great and missed. Bartok fired an arrow, hitting one of the hated enemy. At this time, they heard some loud howls, and noticed that two more KGP mounted on Podogs were approaching them from the opposite side of the stream!
Bartok flew across the stream and engaged the riders. During the engagement, one of the Podogs bit Bartok, and locked his jaws on Bartok’s leg. The Podog proceeded to shake Bartok and bounce him off the ground (doing 2d6 each Action Turn-Bartok is in serious trouble!) Ferrill and Forrest charge the ambush! Something hard hit Ferrill in the back of the head, and he turned to see what it was. The item looked like a round ball made of metal! (the player panics!) However, nothing happens!

GM Note: The metal ball is a PHOTON Grenade (dud). Effects: Destroys EVERYTHING not protected by a force-field in a 15 meter radius.

Needless to say, Ferrill dispatches the rest of the group by using the stun pistol. One of the mounted KGP escapes (unmounted). Bartok was still clutched in the jaws of the stunned Podog. Ferrill and Forrest start to cross the stream and help Bartok, when Forrest asked Ferrill, "How long do they stay sleeping?" Ferrill stopped and thought then said "Between 20 seconds to 2 and ½ minutes" (20 Action Turns – CN). Ferrill then ran back to the rocks and dispatched the stunned KGP. After dispatching all of the enemy and getting Bartok out of the clenched jaws of the Podog, Ferrill’s curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to try to find that metal ball and see if he can figure it out. He finds it! As Bartok watches from the other side of the stream (out of blast area), Ferrill sniffs it, then he takes his sword out and pokes it! (BAD move!) Bartok sees his friend sniff a rock and poke it with his sword, wondering "What in the hell is he doing with that rock?" Suddenly, a bright flash and explosion occurs!

Where Ferrill was standing is now a perfectly formed circular bowl in the ground. Ferrill had disappeared!

Bartok:  "Curiosity killed the cat. Uh, I mean ferret."

Forrest: "Well, he always did like to get us in trouble…" Oh well….

Player: I KNEW it was a grenade!… But I didn’t think it would do THAT MUCH damage! I mean, I figured he would probably get mauled, but that he would survive!! He then reached over and started to make a new PC..


1. From Pure Strain Human: Hiya. ...ahhhh....good 'ol Photon Grenades. :) I play 3rd edition, and with a damage base of 30, range base of 2m and a Fatal special (any success), these puppies are nasty! Looks like they are good for some pretty spectacular party tricks too!

2. From =Chris:  sniffle..."'Twas the photon grenade showed 'em the light." Thanks for this! VBFG

3. From Fabian: Yeah, guy, good stuff! Keep it coming. Why don't you put it together in some sort of format and someone can upload it to a site for everyone to see. If none of the better sites volunteer, I can always upload on my humble site.

4. From Chris Hadjison:  Why would the KGP be so stupid. If I were them and I were scouting, I'd follow or tag that hover truck. the KGP would love to get that truck and have patience. It is going somewhere, probably some mutie town right? So send spies in. The GM, in my opinion played the KGP kinda stupid. If I were the GM I could have screwed the party much more than that, and the KGP probably would have ended up with the truck, believe you me. That ferret would make a great mark too, plant a very secretive transmitter on him, perhaps some sort of 'organic' one or synthetic cyberplant perhaps. Anyways if the Ferrit died 'oh well thats' the life he chose', to coin another phrase.

THANKS for letting me know that I'm stupid CHRIS!! :)  Ahhh... I did not explain the WHOLE situation in the story....Let's just say that it was an "accident"...

2. GAMMA WORLD - Death of PCs- (17 Oct 00)

Party members

Bartok: (self-claimed "Lord of the Bats") Mutated Humanoid: Wore an old football helmet- not too intelligent but not stupid either..

Fors: Mutated Human: Basically run similar to a Scout- No ranged weapons, but used Hands of Power. (dead)

Bullwinkle: Mutated Moose, grew up with Rocky in Eden (See Campaign Map).

Rocky: Mutated Flying Squirrel (Replacement for Ferrel- See Death #1, above).

Noname: (new unnamed PC)- Mutated Human. (dead-didn't last long)

Background: The PCs had finished resting in the town of Eden (see Campaign Map).  Fors had a bit too much radiation and had no hair left.  Rocky & Bullwinkle met the party in town and told them of an ancient site they heard about to the south.  Naturally, at the mention of "Ancient", the party was a "go" for the expedition.  (This adventure is called "Shadows" and will hopefully be in the next "Apocalyptic Post").

Story:  The party headed south along the river, following the hills.  They checked all of the canyons and gullys until they spotted a strange fence.  The fence looked like a fishing net, but the net was made of metal.  The characters find an old military combustion-engined truck in a hangar (good condition). They decide to finish exploring the complex (This is where characters died) before figuring it out..

After making it inside the underground complex (and suffering some damage), the party walked into a room.  The door shut behind them, red warning lights started flashing, and an automated voice started saying something. (Quarantined-Area) After a few seconds, the opposite wall opened leaving them in a long hallway.  The hallway was littered with the remains of some kind of creatures.  When they started to examine the remains, a large-caliber machine gun mounted in a turret at the end of the hallway opened up on them.  The party made a mad dash for the nearest opening, taking them into a very large room.  During the mad dash, Noname (the new PC) gets shredded by the hail of large caliber slugs. (Dead). The other players also took various amounts of additional damage and knew why all of the dead bodies were in the hallway... (heh, heh).. :)

When they entered the large room, they noticed that the walls and ceiling were covered in some kind of resinous, biological looking substance. There were several large, oval cast-iron looking objects on the floor. Mummified remains of PSHs were embedded in the walls. (At this point, the players are panicing-again).

The characters then notice movement surrounding them! (Player playing Rocky --replacement of Ferrill-- gets resigned look on face, and starts to reach for another new character sheet..)

Fors (the one with no hair left) used his hands of power on one of the cast-iron objects, doing so much damage that it exploded.  When it exploded, acid was sprayed in a large area getting everyone in the party.  The acid covered poor Fors and he was melted into a mass of quivering goo. (Dead). Bullwinkle uses his "Repulsion Field" to protect the characters.  The players decide to run back into the hallway, (retreat!) use the repulsion field and let the machine gun take care of the creatures.  (This works- but the machine gun ended up running out of ammo).

After all of the creatures are dead, the party returns to the large room.  The rest of the cast-iron objects open and more (smaller) creatures emerge.   Bullwinkle then used his "Repulsion Field" again and Rocky life-leeched everything in the area.  The repulsion field protected the PCs from the creatures (but not the life leech).  The life leech killed all of the smaller critters.  Rocky is feeling great from all of the hit points he has absorbed, but Bullwinkle and Bartock (combined with previous damage) are not feeling so good.  The rest of the story had no other PC deaths.
They got the truck and a few other goodies, plus Bartok, Bullwinkle & Rocky were taught the ancient language (by the A.I)!

3. GAMMA WORLD - Death of PCs - (15 years ago-unknown) Bob Crichton ( sent 10 Nov 00:

This was 15 years ago, so I only remember 4 characters, out of around 8:
 (Name Unknown): A 9-foot tall mutated frog, his most memorable trait was a 10-foot tongue. His constant companion was a 1-foot tall
 humanoid named Sprout. Sprout rode around in the frog's mouth.
 Daylick- Was a flashy dresser, and really obnoxious. I have no idea what his mutations were.
 Bruno(my character) A Humanoid with Skeletal Enhancement and Telekinetic Arm.

 As background, our group of intrepid adventurers was negotiating with the leaders of an Iron Society Army, trying to convince them
 that our home village would make a poor location for their next dust-up with the KGP. After they became suspicious of our motives,
 we attempted to take the general hostage. While I attempted to disarm a guard with my TK Arm, a "Gatling Laser" was fired into me at
 short range. RISP. (Rest In Smoking Pieces) The Frog and Sprout were the only survivors, following an incredibly short battle.

 4. GAMMA WORLD - Death of a PC-

This is up to you to send me! (Unless another player gets waxed...)